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A moment when a security expels customers out of the elevator

This incident was a story while I was travelling in Japan at the beginning of this year. It took place at Bic Camera, Namba Store in Osaka. Bic Camera is a leading consumer electronics retailer chain in Japan. The store was extremely crowded at the day. Most of them were seemingly foreign visitors. I was waiting for an elevator for so long to go to the upper floor. Due to the crowd, every time the lift opened, it was packed with tons of customers that I wasn’t able to get in it. Believe it or not, I had been waiting …

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A mission in searching for a S-Guard barricade in Japan!!

A barrier preventing motorcycle is also known as S-Guard barricade. It is a novel innovation brought to you by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in an attempt to prevent motorists driving on the sidewalk. This weird thing is increasingly enlarging in scale throughout the city of Bangkok, especially at the major intersections. The point is that I have a strong belief that those authorities, who have the power to initiate this execution, might perhaps derive this idea from Japan where the innovation already existed. It might appear interesting in their eyes. However, it’s just a superficial inspiration and lacks scrutiny on …

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A seemingly last optional alternative like the overpass is still wheelchair-friendly

The overpass, an innovation for pedestrians to safely cross a street. It’s considered safe and convenient yet highly inaccessible for some if built unintelligently like many footbridges in Thailand where wheelchair users are completely unable to use it. For developed countries, that might have passed the primitive state of trial and error, they recognise the limitations of the overpass and try to minimize its usage if possible. Last year, I visited Japan to see some of its fantastic infrastructure, including the overpass. Believe it or not, the entire 15-day time that I was touring around central Japan, any flaws in accessibility …

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Life difficulties make people stronger

We all had heard a recent tragedy of strong earthquake hit around the Osaka metropolitan area in western Japan on today morning. Every time this kind of natural disaster incurred I have to make a comparison with our country. Although Japan has been suffering with constant natural disasters since ancient time, especially earthquake, the country remains one of the largest economies and most powerful nations in the world. The situation is somehow opposite to Thailand where the country is mostly free from massive natural disaster and fortunately possesses rich natural resources. However, the country in overall is still in the …

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The first precious night in Osaka

I heard that our government is now supporting the electric powered car. It was the first raining night in Osaka, then I found this precious supers car was charging the the parking station. I was suddenly dream of, Bangkok road full fill with a lot of electric powered cars. No more smoke, fresh air, less engine sound and we don’t need any fossil power any more.

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