Life difficulties make people stronger

[Train guide electric boards tilt following an earthquake at Ibaraki-shi Station in Ibaraki City, north of Osaka prefecture on June 18, 2018. – A strong quake hit western Japan early June 18, but there were no immediate reports of major damage or risk of tsunami waves, officials said. (Photo by STR / JIJI PRESS / AFP) / Japan OUT (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)]
We all had heard a recent tragedy of strong earthquake hit around the Osaka metropolitan area in western Japan on today morning. Every time this kind of natural disaster incurred I have to make a comparison with our country.

Although Japan has been suffering with constant natural disasters since ancient time, especially earthquake, the country remains one of the largest economies and most powerful nations in the world. The situation is somehow opposite to Thailand where the country is mostly free from massive natural disaster and fortunately possesses rich natural resources. However, the country in overall is still in the primitive state of development.

I want to stress this point that I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, just my own life lesson. If I wasn’t born with disability and suffered from great poverty since childhood, I wouldn’t be able to be as strong and enlightened as today. My past difficulties have shaped my life.

To be optimistic, Thailand has plenty of natural resources and vast potentials to grow further, we all know that. We just only lack public consciousness, honesty, and civilized way of thinking from the people.

The term ‘just only’ is never be easy as it might sound. We need a lot of works to make a change. Anyway, I believe that it’s not beyond our ability, “WE CAN DO IT”.

Last but not least, I wish everyone in Osaka to be safe, overcome this tough day, and make a comeback with vibrancy very soon. We are with you!

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