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BMA Feeder, the bus to and from train station ‘MUST BE AN ACCESSIBLE BUSES’ …

Hot update: I’m told that the new buses that would pickup the passenger to and from the train station ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE BUSES!!! To the Governor of Bangkok, the spokesman and the director of the Bureau of Traffic and Transport Bangkok, the government policy is an equality and don’t leave anyone behind that we’re all need to aware of. Please use the the accessible buses as standard on all public transport systems.

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Report problem of lower platform level of the twin tracks train southern line with former Governor SRT.

After file a complaint about Skywalk and the stairway to the building, the chairman of the commission of Thai Senate introduced us to the former governor of SRT. I got a chance to report the problem of the Southern Line platform construction’s platform high that will lower than the other lines. He promised to ask and talk in detail, I then asked to shake hand as a promise ^^

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T4A’s train station accessibility at Bangkok Purple Line MRT, Nonthaburi 1 Station with the Ministry of Transport’ advisor.

MRT Purple Line is one of the problematic metro train systems and ‘Station access level quite low’ because the station size is very large and with the method of ‘One elevator per side’ and since the road physical is very width also cars runs very fast (6 lanes on each side), people generally cross the road using a overpass only.

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The Advent of BTS Ramp Plate

When you get off a train, there would normally have a gap between the train and the platform. Despite the gap, some trains stop at an unparalleled degree (different height level) to a platform edge. This gap makes it quite uncomfortable and unsafe, but ordinary passengers can still go through it. However, the case is not true for wheelchair users in particular of those having severe disabilities or having a power wheelchair with substantial weight. This hindrance is too risky and they cannot go through it by themselves.

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The power of change, an impressive progress from Korat super cool!!

Thailand’s public transportations is currently flourishing throughout the country, not just Bangkok. More than 5 years I and our strong networks have engaged in countless projects for more equitable accessibility. For part of the Accessibility Is Freedom, we run with our own limited money, so its impact might be modest. Days ago I got news that there would be a general meeting to gain public opinion in regard to the Light Rail Transit in Korat. Oh boy, this news drove me crazy. I really wanted to attend, but I just can’t make it due to my financial and time. However, …

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An open letter: Requesting to test and discuss in regard to UD shuttle boat.

28 August 2019 Title: Requesting to test and discuss regarding the shuttle boat’s adoption of a universal design concept To: Krung-thep Tha-na-kom Co., Ltd. The Accessibility Is Freedom and the Transportation For All (T4A) have conducted an intensive field survey concerning accessibility issue on the MRT and BTS Bang-wa stations which also are linked to Bang-wa Pier.

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