Chulalongkorn University Survey: discussing solutions for better accessibility

ภาพ คณะสำรวจกำลังเดินไปตามทาง

Equal access to educational is a key to independent self-development and a major driving force in society and the country.

During the last few years, we have been pushing work to promote equal access to educational. Surveying the facilities at Chulalongkorn University with undergraduate students, we have been running “ChulaWalk” projects together. And on the same time, the university executive board currently has policies and funding for improving the university’s environment.

November, 3rd 2022.

Our working crew consisted of Accessibility is Freedom, T4A, student representatives, Disabilities Thailand representatives, and the university staff–including, a group of professors and the environmental team.

Chulalongkorn University is well- known for its outstanding environment and atmosphere. There are a lot of BIG trees throughout the campus which provide shade for people. Given that the footpaths are wide, the renovation is pretty easy.

The essential aspect of fixing the environment not mentioned by the laws is building an environment that accommodates all people so that everyone is capable of living independently, happily and peacefully together.

Our physical can always change, today, we might have strong and healthy but well tomorrow, we might not. We might not be able to walk, see, hear, or learn like we used to.
However, no matter how our bodies will change, we should be able to live by ourselves. This thing reinforces our values and pride as humans.

This time, I invited P’Ood and his secretary, a representative as a consultant lawyer team and T4A member, Sun– a representative from Patumwan Demonstration School, and Pat– a representative from Disabilities Thailand, to help with the survey today.

I do confirm you that changes at Chulalongkorn University will improve day by day.

I am more than welcome to initiate the “xWalk” project with many more universities, all you have to do is contact me.

Stay tunned for more updates!


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