PTT Pongnamron Gas Station Has Solved The misused Space and ‘Accessible Parking is Saved’ – Very Well Done!

ภาพ คนนั่งรถเข็นมาใช้บริการในปั้ม ในพื้นที่ค้าขายที่จัดให้โดยเฉพาะ

Not long before you all may have seen a post from us urging of priority parking space that had been trespassed by rental shops in PTT Pongnamron gas station. Shortly after the post was published, the owner has contacted me to apologized and shown her willing to fix the issue. Today, we are informed that the rental area was moved to another appropriate zone nearby. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Khun Nutt, the owner of PTT Pongnamron station for being a part of our movement that aims to create the greater community together.

We hope this contribution has been recognized and spread out so that people can acknowledge the positive changes, do not let the negative & drama lives with you too long.

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