[Good story] The sustainable business is the business that wins the heart of customers. Thanks to Mal and Permobil / Australia

Many of our avid fans must realise very quickly when I told you about my last purchase of ROHO for 6 months then it leaks off. I was so worried because the seat was no where near cheap. It’s almost 20,000 Baht.

But I had to buy and use it. Without it, I cannot live and work my life quite well. Because of this seat, it reduced possible pain to my body and allowed me to be crazy with life sometimes. My marathon achievement wouldn’t have been possible without this this seat. It’s not exaggerated to say that this seat allowed me to have a decent quality of life.

I checked so many times with its dealers and they confirmed that they’ll fix it for me.

Luckily enough, I have an acquaintance from Australia whose name is Mal. We met for the first time at Asoke intersection, Bangkok while I was running a program. We had a brief talk about 15 minutes. As I could remember, he said he worked with ROHO…

I told him my situation about the seat. And he firmed guaranteed that the insurance was available and tried as best as he could to run all the works to get a new one to me. And eventually I got the new one! sent directly to my place and the old one still in my spare, what the great!.

Sometimes life hits you with a good story. And I need to share this encouraging story with you further.
In business, things are hard and full of competition. But this story wins my heart deeply.

I’m thankful to Mal for your kind coordination and all the helps, also thanks to Permobil / Australia, who took responsibility even I didn’t purchased with them.

This good thing is so good. Please share if you like it.

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