The amazing slope at Amnesty Media Award 2019’s stage. We make a change in your heart.

ภาพ ซาบะนั่งบนรถเข็น ยกนิ้วโป้งให้ ด้านหน้าเวที ที่มีทางลาดพาดยาวตลอดช่วงกว้างด้านหน้า

Last year marked quite a busy year as I was invited frequently to deliver speech talks. Any visiting events were built in complete regard to satisfy full accessibility.

I give you one ample example at Amnesty Media Award as the followings below:

The slope at the front stage, signifying the highest honour
I called this flash arousal ‘privilege’. You know what this, locating at the forefront, is so important. Why? Traditionally, a slope was often located at the backstage or at a hidden place somewhere else far away. Or another popular example, having two (publicly) brand-new elevators with one being fully accessible while the another fully unaccessible. They reason that “Oh are you disabled? Please go and use that lift over there. The lift here is for normal people.”

This kind of scenario is escalating what I call “exclusion”. You try to exclude someone from not doing or enjoying a thing.

The slope’s with the good standard
It’s built with accurate engineering perfection: the inclination, width, solidarity, and even colour for enhanced visibility, this reduced possible accidents.

To honour someone doesn’t mean that you have to place him above you, or to flatter overwhelmingly. It is simply that you actually see him or her as a human being and respect each other, that’s it.

I also advice to the organiser a thing that “Show it off, not to hide it!”

The organiser themselves never did this before. Yet these things were made possible thanks to the fantastic collaborations and a sincere listening to my advices.
I could go up to the stage and land down gracefully with honour. And that day, everybody walked up and down the stage as they way I did!

That day marked another happiest moment of mine. I was secretly crying cats and dogs. Colossal thanks to the Amnesty organiser for your top-notch organisational expertise!

Every move of mine aims to make a change. It’s the change that begins…within your heart.

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