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The Little Angels and her runner superdad

There are quite many foreigners living in my residence. When I go downstair, I usually meet with these two lovely young girls. Soon, I got to know her personally as well as her dad.

One of the lovely little girls, Valentina, has some motor disability called Cerebral Palsy (CP) which has the weakness or problems with brain sending signal and muscles. These make her life quite difficult than the others. While Vanessa, the older sister, is perfectly normal and healthily fit. She did a great job of being a sister, taking care of Valentina nicely. Her dad is a runner, so do I. Thus we have a thing in common and exchanged many thoughts together.

They often join running events. Valentina is a super strong girl. She’s trained normally to walk upstair to the 24th floor by herself, even I couldn’t do that lol. And Vanessa, is equally enthusiastic. She recently accomplishes the 2nd winner on a running event.

I feel released that her dad gave so much importance on workout. Exercising would stimulate your entire body. It enhances your brain function and encourages a sense of sportsmanship.

Valentina herself is a living example. year ago she needed a walker to move around, now she needs only a stick.

This is an interesting case and one that we shall give a glimpse on. It’s a way worthing thinking in raising children, to see their life development. This would make a bright and independent future for the girls. For me I look forward in the 10-20-to-30-year time. This would be a challenging job for her father.

Today I share with you some lovely scenes of the two little angels and her runner superdad. I’ll definitely bring in tell more in the future. This kind of story broadens our perspective that we can adopt it to further help others.

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