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[Case closed] “Is that delivery man disabled?”

1. After we released the first post, within 7 hours, Kerry Express Thailand contacted me to ask for more detail about the incident. They went back to investigate and issue a warning notice to the misbehaved driver.

2. I requested that Kerry should come up with preventive measurements to minimize this kind of problem from happening again in the future.

3. The driver himself called me personally and we exchanged some discussion. This is what I really want, “to have a talk together”. He confessed his wrongdoing and admitted guilt. It’s the first time in his life to park on accessible parking. He did so because other lots were full and he’s then irresistible to go to the toilet.

I explained to him that I am opened to his reasons and quite understand the incident. Yet there are many more less-abled people out there. The accessible parking is only for the PWDs. What is wrong is wrong, that’s it. When you make a wrongdoing, you’re responsible for the consequence. Like this case, someone reported your misconduct and you must face it.

Moreover, being complained heavily by his colleagues, he began to worry about his job security and family by the impact of this incident.

I confirmed him that I simply want Kerry to just investigate and issue some warning notice for your better understanding. I just wanted him to be correctly informed. I had no intention to aggressively make him to lose his job. (If, any later suffer a serious impact, please contact me.)

Guys, no more drama. Please do no scold to the man anymore. This case shall be ended now. Our job is completed.

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