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No Rights No Freedom

No Rights No Freedom : I can't go in, I've to unwilling breaking the law
[I can’t go in, I’ve to unwilling breaking the law]



Everyone has probably heard this somewhere.
This words clearly written in our country’s laws.

For people who are healthy one may not pay much attention,
they may feel unrelated or may not even feel it and I do really understand all of you.

Alright, today let me tell you my little stories.

It has been more than 25 years, since my life started being on wheelchair.
Almost everything I have been doing opposite to all of you, for example: 

  • Going Shopping
    Most luxurious stores (luxury in old-fashioned developer sense) have steps at the front, no ramp.
    I must find a way to get in, mostly on the back through the garbage collection or delivery area.
    I have to rely on the ramp that they built for heavy equipments load assist.
  • Going to the movies
    Before I can take my girlfriend to a movie, I have to do a lot of surveying the area.
    Check and check and check which zone the cinema is?
    how many flights of stairs?
    Am I going to burden to the others?

    Instead of getting a lot of smart looking, gone out with my girl holding here hands, chilling on the mood.
    Nah … Never been being easy.
  • Go to a conference and a seminar
    Meeting all day, properly takes around 6hrs, I could not find the toilet.
    The toilet t
    hat has enough space for my wheelchair…
  • Go to the Bank
    Almost all bank branches were built luxuriously (again, how come steps seem to look luxurious).
    Steps with tens or more, how I manage them – make a guess?
    In the past, every time that I’ve to do my financial transactions.
    I always sit on my wheelchair in front of stair case, waiting for someone that I could ask for help calling the bank staffs. 
    Run up and down the stairs ’till the things was complete.

    Now a day, things are a little better.
    Banks are everywhere in the department store as well as doing an internet banking.
    But ATM still, Occasionally, not easy to find one that I could give me “satisfaction”.

And many more story to tell, that would properly take for year or more.

Okay, back to the photos I posted.

Days ago we’re been doing the accessibility facilities survey with our young students.
We went to Chatuchak MRT station. Gate#4 seemed to have disabled parking.
I used the word “seem” because the sign said there were 4-5 spaces, but all occupied and it has unclear sign (very old painting and washed off).

After I could find a free parking lot, I looked for parking exit into the MRT station.
But the way that “seem” to be the access in and out.
(again: I used the word “seems” because there was a ramp which was now blocked).
So I had to rely on getting out using car exit.

This is troubling that I have to face on each day.
And for a wheelchair person, this is something we have to feel ‘as nothing’.

Going out is a bit risky, it is alright, but going back to get on my car is bad.
Look at the signs, it says, “Do Not Enter”, “Do Not Turn Left” and “Exit Only”
I have admit to break the laws.^^

Can’t help… it is because of my rights has gone.

Credit :
– English Translation by : MrNoBody + Jam by SABA / AccessibilityIsFreedom Translation Dream Team.

No Rights No Freedom : this is might be wheelchair parking?
[No Rights No Freedom : this is might be wheelchair parking?]
No Rights No Freedom : I feel like I can touch my car, but it is so damn far go get on
[I feel like I can touch my car, but it is so damn far go get on]
No Rights No Freedom : dude, this looks like where I could get in and out
[dude, this looks like where I could get in and out]

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