In case of fire, how could PWDs survived?

In case of emergency, natural disaster, or any unexpected hazardous circumstances, how could a person with disability survive in such scenario?
A concern I have deeply kept it for so long, and sparked out again due to the recent serious fire on the building in Bangkok two days ago, three people died and many injured.

It’s a question I myself could yet give a proper answer. It’s perhaps due to my ignorance, more information is needed to research. Though I knew that there are  numbers of people specifically working in this issue.

Generally speaking, there remains plenty rooms for improvement in term of services toward PWDs. They still receive inappropriate service in many kinds. When it come to such a deadly situation, that everyone would do everything to be survive, what can the PWDs do to save their lives?

Someone might calm us down by the arguments that it rarely occurs or it has nothing to do, I’m just afraid that once it happens the suffered people might be someone meaningful to your life: your family, cousins, brothers and sisters, friends, or maybe you.

I raise this topic for further speculation for everyone, let’s talk more!

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