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Annoucement: A Donation of Active Wheelchair (1 Unit)

I got a contact from Suphat and Lions Club of Bangkok Bualuang in regard of a donation of an unused wheelchair from a member of the Lomberg family. The former owner is Mike (Mr. Mike Lomberg). In short, Mike used to be a test pilot who later underwent a motor vehicle accident, causing him some disabilities that he’s no longer able to pursue as a pilot. Nevertheless, after the incident, he still managed to acquire a civilian flying license, with the support of installed hand controls. He then participated in the Handiflight RTW project which is actively promoting flying among PWDs in South Africa to inspire other people, especially PWDs and those around them.

Thailand was among the destinations he intended to visit. Last year I also came into contact for meeting him in person. Unfortunately, a serious accident occurred during his flying, my deepest condolence to Mike and his family.

Mike’s wheelchair information: unfoldable / Spinergy wheel / Size & Dimension as in the image.

I guess that the price of this wheelchair, if it’s brand-new, would cost almost 300,000 Baht (800 Euro). The Lomberg family really wish that this wheelchair would make a better and prosperous life for its receiver, sparking inspiration with hope which is, and has been, Mike’s true intention.

What you will need to do:

  1. Fill in this form: http://tiny.cc/MikeLombergWheelchair
  2. Send me an email with a subject as your first and last name attach with your full body photo and your PWD id to  [email protected]

The complete information means a chance to be selected.

I would like to thank Suphat (my ex-boss) for your excellent coordination and networking.
Chris, Peta, Amy and Jem from Lomberg family who pursue on to actualise Mike’s true intention for society.

The committee’s consideration will be conducted from Suphat , Lions Club of Bangkok Bualuang, JS100, and Accessibility Is Freedom.
The wheelchair will be offered to the most needed. The committee’s unanimous decision is final.

This project is just a beginning. Please stay tune for the upcoming announcement.


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