Good is good, but it must be WOW. A Department Store “FOR ALL” – A mission at Fashion Island Department Store.

Fashion Island is a department store of constant improvement on accessibility. I’ve been doing discussion, a well thought-provoking meeting, with them regularly that’s why can see its impressive progress. It would not be exaggerated if I rank this mall among the top in term of splendid accessibility.

Recently I got a call from the management team to provide some further ideas and recommendations regarding the issue. We then sat on the chair at a meeting room and had a very exciting discussion.
Although the building and other facilities are quite old and obsoleted, as it ages over time, and even though the soon renovation manifests a significant cost with vast details to scrutinise, the top management firmly stated that “Just being good is not enough, our aim is to go for WOW!”.

The talk involved old and new problems as well as potential threats in an elaborate perspective, I’m quite decisive that the result will nothing wondering.

I’m truly happy for everyone to have one more shopping mall where everybody can go there for shopping or relax with equality in access. We would see that this mall would gradually climb from GOOD up to EXCELLENCY.

I totally appreciate all management personnel and involved parties for you heartful emphasis, this is setting a new standard for Thailand.

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