When a grandpa has to walk to the hospital!

Our friends sent us this image and narrated a sad story that he had to bring her dad to the hospital but the parking wasn’t available. With conditions, she had to drop him off far away and let him walked to the hospital!

Visiting the hospital is a basic human rights. Yet many of us still can’t have it due to poor footpath, an unrestricted street vendors, and many physical barriers in our city. Simply walking on a footpath in Bangkok, if not the whole Thailand, remains a challenging activity. There are problems everywhere, you name it.

Like this grandpa, he must survive himself poorly along the footpath until he safely reached the hospital. This would be doubly worse for those even lesser-abled bodies, like myself on wheelchair or the blind people. We would perhaps end our life here.

Thailand is a developing country with strong drive of men to be better. Yet the developments at large are built in complete disregard to everyone, people like your grandparents who rely entirely on stick and wheelchair. This poor standard ignores the inclusive design and the needs of various groups even though it is legitimately written by laws and government’s regulations.

The image took place at Victory Monument area just about 300 meters away from the hospital, a humble walking distance. This area is perceived as a central gateway to Bangkok capital city. But its whole surrounding physical infrastructure is tragically disordered and extremely inaccessible. It would be so disappointed for such a magnificent area of this to be considered like that.

I said too often that this city, and country, is ours. We all hold the hidden power to make a change of it for the better, for our sakes and for the next generations to come. I will no longer wait for a hero to make a change of it. I’ll do it as best as I could. We must begin to do something.

Soon I will form a group of working people who will join together. In the future these kind of problems must no longer exist. It would be buried by history. We have to do it. We can and We will.

The power is on our hands, now I want to ask you guys “Who will join us?”
Text me in this pattern “I specialise in …, is there anything I can help you?”



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