Provide additional information on “Non-Low-Floor Buses” to the Consumer Transportation Committee

ภาพ คกก ประชุมผ่านซูม

June 19, 2023
We have been discussing the issue of “Non-Low-Floor Buses” for about a year now.
Today, we had a meeting with the Consumer Transportation Committee, which was attended by representatives from the Department of Land Transport. The following points were discussed:

1. The terms of reference (TOR) of the Mass Transit Authority of Bangkok require single-level bus floors without stairs, while the announcements from the Department of Land Transport do not specify such requirements. This has led to differences in bus designs.
2. Non-Low-Floor Buses: Adding one step to the buses, making them slippery, high, steep, and dangerous.
3. Addressing existing issues with the buses currently in operation.
4. Preventing new issues by amending the announcements.
5. We have received information from the Department of Land Transport based on the requirements of the United Nations. We request the participation of stakeholders, with person with disabilities as the baseline indicator for convenience and safety.

ภาพ ประตูทางขึ้นรถเมล์ มองจากนอกรถ เห็นทางลาด 2 ตอน

ภาพ ประตูทางขึ้นรถเมล์ มองจากในรถ เห็นทางลาด 2 ตอน

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