CentralWorld: from the footpath to the main entrance of the mall ***IS NOT ACCESSIBLE***

[August 9, 2022] Ratchadamri road: From the footpath all the way through the length of the building, approximately 400-meter, there is a series of stairs. Groups of wheelchair users cannot enter the building.

Groups of people who travel with wheeled-vehicles don’t include only people with disabilities, but also many others such as families with kids and strollers.

Let’s imagine this scenario: tourists travel with a stroller. The unpleasant picture that is definitely going to happen is people shouldering a stroller up and down the stairs. More importantly, it is crucial to be aware that our bodies can always change. The customers walking on two legs today may be on wheelchairs tomorrow.

I’m urging the mall to replace stairs with ramps ASAP. The area in front of the building is as wide as almost a football field. I suggest that ramps could be constructed so that they are connected smoothly to the footpath and the footpath at the front of the mall could be improved in a manner that everybody is safely and soundly welcomed– with seamless connectivity and inclusivity.

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