Disabled parking lots the root problem is our responsible, giving your hands helping – If you don’t need, just leave it free for the one who really need it.

“We touch you guys, that’s good as everybody else.
But you’ve some physical problems
This spots are to enable you to get in and out Big-C without problem.

And we see handicapped, handicapped, handicapped
None of the car have handicapped sticker

And with you having wheelchair, you’ve to drive around and around cannot find the spot.
So it is not good, but it is that you’re telling people about it..”

I’d like to note to the woman who was on my video.
Hopefully she is alright from troubling she had, be healthy as well as she should be.
Then she won’t need to park on the disabled parking spot anymore.

Teacher Ron Small:
After retiring from the Boeing company.
Since 27 years ago, Ron came to the Redemptorist Center as a volunteer.
To help father Ray get a computer school for the disabled stared, as a school dean.
To help the disabled to be able to live on our own life, be equal as everybody.

I do remember very well,
he taught us an assembly programming language with English! (because he was very new on Thai).
I felt very exciting and fun haha.

Times goes by, now a day he is still giving his hands helping our society.
Every year he usually visits Pattaya, school and us.
There are projects that he is working on.
As I know one of those, he is the supporter for the Father Ray Foundation.

Saba will never be existed, if there was no Teacher Ron, Father Ray as well as the others.


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