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Thank you for your support : “Farm-Dee”

มูลไส้เดือนฟาร์มดี-logoBefore end of last new year, I got a short message from our member.

“We will sent your money support, are you ok with that?”

Just like this short, I was honestly thank you to him.
After new year holiday we got changed to talk again, he said

“I’d love to support the one who do the real work for the disabled, please keep it on”

After then, I got a money transfer alerted and he sent me message again:

“I’d already transferred, thank you for working for the disabled”

Just about that, really short indeed. I don’t know him.
Usually Accessibility Is Freedom would try to go to see our supporter,
but he just leave quietly until now.

I did a bit checked, he is on wheelchair and doing a natural fertilizer from the earthworm.
On the below logo and he usually support the disabled projects around.

We would like to thank you for your support,
We will growing up the better responsibility to our society.
And finally our country will be changed.


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