Creating a city that everyone can equally enjoy ‘is not difficult’. Thanks to Starbucks – Phetchaburi MRT Station.

ภาพ พื้นร้านกาแฟสตาร์บั๊ค พื้นต่างระดับสูงแค่ 2 นิ้ว แต่ยังมีทางลาดให้สวยงาม

Our body is susceptible to change. Nothing guarantees that your health today will stay the same tomorrow. ‘Tomorrow you may become a wheelchair user like me’.

Imagine yourself in a wheelchair and come across a difference in floor height of just under two inches. I am sure that would cause you trouble.

To accommodate all people and their various physical needs should be a basic provision, an ordinary element of our living together. There is nothing ‘special’ about universal accessibility. It both benefits those with physical challenges today and this will totally assures you, your family and people around you a tomorrow we can all equally enjoy.

Starbucks at Phetchaburi MRT Station provides a smooth threshold ramp for even a small rise. An excellent example.

Thank you!!

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