“When your physical body changes, your whole world changes”. –Special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University.

ภาพ ในห้องบรรยาย นศ กำลังทดลองเป็นคนตาบอด ท่าทางเก้งก้าง แต่สนุก

This was some of my talk for students that touched me heartfully during my special lecture on Inclusive Design at DBTM, Thammasat University.

During the lecture, We did an experiment illustrating that what would it look, and feel, like to be a disabled. All students were required to perform like in a particular kind of disability such as being blinded and being on wheelchair.

Once the experiment kicked started, the whole room was full of joy and excitement, and chaos. Everything had changed when they couldn’t see anything and had to walk around the building. Doing your business in a toilet immediately turned out to be a colossal obstacle once they’re sit on wheelchair.

Their world has totally changed when their physical condition changed.

I give you a glimpse of how liveliness the moment was. It’s crazy and so much fun!

Thanks to Khun Eak who joined us and shared an insight about visual impairment.
And thanks the Dean and all fabulous lecturers at DBTM, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus.

The right knowledge and understanding at the first place would solve all the problems the world challenges us.
We can make our world more equal and truly accessible for all.

Accessibility Is Freedom

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ภาพ น้อง นศ ทดลองเป็นคนตาบอด เดินที่ระเบียงนอกห้องบรรยาย ท่าทางเก้งก้าง

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