The best basic accessibility and service, Japan metro train.

[Japan metro train test]

Since last year, on our private trip purposely to test all accessibility including services.

What I have learned, the Japan transportation system designed based on the capacity of people in the small city.
If you go there within a peak time, you will never be believed how many people are traveling.
On our shooting day, I was intended to ask for help.
Once we go to request them at the ticket office, there will always an agent to lead and take care us along the way.
And the A to B communication has never missed.

Comparing to our city, what could see see the big difference is, they were very well understanding how could they help us right and their service mindset is height.

The transportation for everyone, the key is to let all passenger move by their own, yes independently including the PWDs (people with disabilities).
This would lower the operator’s job down to a minimum.
But for the case that really need help, they should do it right.
And the last answer is all have to be prepared since from the beginning.

Look out for 10 years ahead, Bangkok city will be become just like Japan.
What would happen if we still live on the same concept as today?
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