Seamless, accessible and inclusive travelling: Is Possible.

Days ago I made field survey at BTS Bang-wa station. Within 600-metres from the station, there was a pier for shuttle boat service. I couldn’t wait but rushed to see this interesting stuff. What we’ve found:

  1. The walkway to the pier wasn’t yet modified. Its condition was quite poor, making hard for me to wheel along. At some connection points, I needed someone to lift me up.
  2. Looking up, it looked like there was a skywalk for typical passengers to commute safely and comfortably.
  3. Once reached the pier, I found that the service was now free of charge and there was a logo of wheelchair (International Symbol of Access) on the boat. This is cool!
  4. When a boat was about to dock, I recognised that although it’s not yet accessible enough for wheelchair user, it wasn’t that bad in overall. I believe it could be by a modest adjustment.

These kinds of issues are minor problems and could be resolved by a humble effort. And we are willing to cooperate and help in any processes, only the top ranks need to have a clear direction.

I would like to thank the management team of Krung-thep Tha-na-kom, the Bangkok Governor, the Director of the Department of Rail Transport, the Director of the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, the Minister of Transport, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and the Minister of Interior, and kindly ask you for improved public transportations: road-rail-sea-air, so that the people could enjoy seamless, accessible, and inclusive travelling.

The accessibility, of which you can go anywhere, certainly serves as a gateway for people to improve their lives.

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