People call me ‘Disability Rights Activist’

I would like to stress that it is not as easy as it might seem for me to be able to reach to this point. I had to overcome many struggles with highly limited resources, especially financial budget. I don’t want to shine as a superstar or act like a leading hero. I’m an ordinary man like you guys who just want to see a better society for everyone. This dream is something much bigger than me. But I need to keep doing for at least the better society.

There are tremendous behind-the-scene works and I’d put all my best efforts and resources in doing so. There are countless parties who involved in this path. A tiny but powerful group of people who have a mutual goal for the better. This includes wide range of PWDs networks, generous supporters, and all charitable volunteers as well as those lovely medias whose engagements helped building social awareness greatly.

We’ve built from the scratch when the priority parking was obscurity, now it’s prevalent as a standard practice in novel shopping malls. And an issue regarding PWDs becomes a headline for transcendental accessibility and equality.

Hold in your mind that the effect would skyrocket if everyone of us gives our hands. We all have a chance to use these accessible facilities sooner or later. If the society is getting worst, finally we all affect by it.

The better future of this country belongs to you. Please help as much as you can.


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We will be THE ONE who change our country
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