Mr.Non of the Sa-ard Fish Ball, a man with endeavour to make change to the society.

Believe it or not, a virtually good fish ball, rich in texture and mild in flavour, is so rare to find. But I found one. It happened about two years ago when I roamed around Rama2 area of Bangkok and randomly encountered with a local noodle & fish ball shop.

I was first amazed by its high level of accessibility, considering that it’s local. Be it a slope, a toilet, or even a seat table and many more.

I was lucky enough to meet in person with Mr.Non, the shop’s owner. I provided him some constructive recommendations and we exchanged many thoughts. Such a nice and open-minded guy, I knew later on that he consequently adopted the given ideas and applied to his shop for the better. He also provided us some financial supports.

I have to say, this is just a great example of how anyone in the society can make a change.

Do it small / Do it close / Do it now.

If you pass-by the area, please take a visit to this fantastic place, and prepare your stomach for the huge loads!
The shop’s FB Page:

Thank you!

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