Just go and take a fight!

Days before I came to see an interesting post about a man who has speaking difficulty.
I think it’s interesting so today I’ll talk about this cool man.

I saw him on YouTube for a while. He has a kind of symptom called aphasia, possibly since he was born.
A disease that makes him unable to speak clearly like us.
This seems to be an intense pressure of suffering for him, a giant wall preventing him from the world.
However, he doesn’t take it that way. He chooses to climb that massive wall.
He decides to open up his own Youtube channel to present his ability for many reviews.
He knows that his weak point is oral communication skill so that he puts subtitle every time he speaks.
With enthusiasm and the quality of his performance, his works gains popularity so quickly.
He reaches to have almost half a million of followers and the number is still growing.
Now people from around the globe acknowledge his potentials and see him as a role model who conquers his own inferior.

His story can teach us a thing or two. Speaking difficulty is his great weakness and he knows it well.
But he also realizes that the rest of his existence, including his physical body, brain, and mind, all function normally like most people.
So that he chooses to accept his weakness with brave, don’t let it destroy himself, and emphasize on what else he can do well.
He needs to work harder and smarter as his background is behind others.
I believe, intangibly, what he receives is the feeling of pride.

I have come to know many people who have problem just like him.
Some of them are worse that they can’t even talk. However, many of them are struggling and eventually able to be successful in life.
They just prove me that don’t let your limited side defeat the opposite, your unlimited power.

I have strong belief that there is no real disability in this world, all are only in your mind.

Remember, all you have to do is,

“just go and take a fight!!”

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