Joining the Launch of an Electric-Boat Service on Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem

ภาพ นายกและคณะผู้บริหารและพี่ซาบะกำลังปรบมือหลังนายกโยกปุ่มกดเปิดงาน

27 November 2020
As a representative of Disability Network, we joined the launch of an electric-boat service on Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem which was presided over by Prime Minister and Defense Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha this morning.

There are currently seven fully electric boats servicing eleven piers along the five-kilometer route on Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem. The service runs daily from 6am – 7 pm. Let’s go and try it out now as we can travel for free for the first six months. After that, a flat-rate fare of just 10 baht will be applied. The boat service is excellent. It can accommodate one wheelchair which is a good start. Please see our review and recommendations (

Normally I make a point of appearing in public events as a capable individual with an intention to show to society that limitations in some areas do not at all render a person completely incapable. I usually make an effort to avoid being seen as a recipient of help and instead being seen as a person of equal value as everyone else. This morning, although I would rather ideally be seen as moving along with other guests with ease, accessing a pier and a boat at an official event proved to be an exceptional circumstance. For this reason, this picture, with the prime minister and the governor of Bangkok assisting me, patting me on the back and closely watching how I use the facilities, captures a very friendly atmosphere at that particular moment.

I was very happy to have a chance to attend the event and to briefly exchange with the Prime Minister and the Governor some thoughts on the issue of accessibility. We look forward to more cooperation with every agency.

A sincere thank you to the Traffic and Transportation Department, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Office of the Prime Minister, Krungthep Thanakom and everyone for an impressive day.

ภาพ นกยกและผู้ว่าเอามือแตะไหล่พี่ซาบะ ขณะที่กำลังหมุนตัวเพื่อลงโป๊ะไปขึ้นเรือ

ภาพ พี่ซาบะกำลังเข็นรถลงทางลาดไปโป๊ะ

ภาพ ขบวนเรือกำลังล่องตามคลอง

ภาพ เรือที่นายกโดยสาย กำลังร่องไปตามคลอง

ภาพ พี่ซาบะนั่งอยู่บนเรือ VIP ลำเดียวกับนายก


ภาพ พี่ซาบะกำลังขึ้นท่าเรือเทวราช นายกเดินตามโบกมือให้ประชาชน

ภาพ นายกกำลังให้สัมภาษย์สื่อ พี่ซาบะอยู่ข้างๆ ร่วมรับฟัง


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