Our 2nd Time at the Grand Opening of Microsoft YouthSpark Project, Thank You Everyone from All Parties.

Microsoft YouthSparkis a community project from Microsoft (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and its partners that has been running for 5 years. Recently, we had a wonderful opportunity for the 2nd time to engage its grand opening day. As a senior, if you like, I couldn’t miss this chance to visit and have a cheer talks at firsthand with this great young generation. It was also my pleasure to have a conversation for the 1st time with Mr.Dha-na-wat Su-thum-pun, Managing Director at Microsoft (Thailand).

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Surprisingly met our friends . ..

At the Suwannaphum International Airport, I was waiting to say good bye the other friends. Jeab messaged me that they’re heading to the airport. Surprisingly that I see Khun Yupa & her family (and with a little cute girl & boy + MiyamotoSan!!). Have a great trip back!

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