Brand New Seacon Square Sri-na-ka-rin after the renovation, Fully Accessible Facilities, the best priority car parking & excellent service


Seacon Square Sri-na-ka-rin, during the past 2015 – 2017, Seacon Square, Sri-na-ka-rin has been significantly improving its priority parking as well as accommodation facilities.
After hearing that it’s fully reopened in service, I set myself to take a tour there:

The new improved list.

  1. New Parking Building: providing 2,500 capability
  2. Disable Parking: located right next to the entrance of each floor. Its standard was so good as always.
  3. Disable Parking Capability: as I observed, there were 5 lots only on the first floor, and 2 lots for each remaining floor.
  4. Mall entrance: designed to serve for both stair and slope. I was so impressive of this considerable thinking and encouraged me to believe that “equality is what we can make it happen.”
  5. Security and Service: there were always securities guards in formal uniform, using motorcycle, responsible for security check in parking area.
    I think customers felt very comfortable.
  6. Service Spot: inside the building, there was entirely brand-new interior. It’s so beautiful.
    Wheelchair was also provided to serve the one in need. It’s located around the entrance area which it’s easy to find.

This remarkable result reflects the policy from the management as well as the cooperation from all sectors.
Social responsibility is what all citizens should engage and bring it into the front, no matter of who you are; consumer, service provider, or the government.
And you should do it your best. I believe that what good you have done will return to you in some ways.

I would like to thank Seacon Square, Sri-na-ka-rin, for its pursuit of excellence. In my opinion, it is one of the best department stores really.

[The new parking building 2,500 slots with perfect priority parking]
[Excellence service point]
[The better sign and traffic flow, lower down the accident.]
[The very good entrance and the ramp]

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