Bang Pho Pier Survey, Chao Phraya River

This is my first ever visit to Bang Pho district by using public transportation. To optimise the occasion, I headed for Bang Pho Pier to see what changes have taken place since my last long time. Back then, accessing and using the pier in a wheelchair was simply a struggle.

My first impression of the same pier this time? JUST WOW!!, I happily rate accessibility improvements seen as highly satisfactory with one recommendation for further work:
1. Embarking/Disembarking : Still a challenge for wheelchair users – needing much lifting effort from a few helpers and is quite a balancing act due to the pontoon’s motion set off by the river current and waves. This is a hazard and leaves much room for human errors. I am somewhat used to managing adverse elements so I was fine. I will return very soon to test out the facilities again.

I would also rate other accessibility aspects of the pier as adequate:
2. Accessibility from road to pier : The ramp was too steep and those without stamina would need help pushing the wheelchair up.
3. Ramp from pier to pontoon : Excellent!
4. Pontoon : Highly visible markings, adequate caution and alerts are appropriately marked out, anti-slip flooring. Very good.
5. Harbour Department staff at pier : Friendly, attentive, helpful and proactively approached me with the willingness to help.

We all have different challenges in life including physical challenges. However, we all want something in common, the ability to travel with ease and convenience. Please help in being a voice to speed up the transformation of Thailand for the better. The country is changing for the better but let us join forces to make positive changes happen faster.

I assure you that you will eventually benefit from the positive changes you are supporting to see.

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