The modification of ramp at Imperial World Sam-rong

Soon since we announced to protect our rights by using the law enforcement, I had often received the update from our fellow members that the Imperial World Sam-rong was gentrifying its skywalk entrance, connected with BTS, to be more accessible with ramp. Today this latest image reveals how the final work looks like.

What a fantastic job! I’m glad that from now on PWDs will be more comfortable in getting access through it. Thanks to the ramp, and thanks to the Imperial World Sam-rong for your wonderful upgrade.

Nevertheless, I was not fortunate enough to get into the table of discussion, providing experienced recommendations. Though nothing seriously, but here is the thin. The ramp is good in itself, but with highly limited space, its design manifests a sense of partition between the PWDs and the fit one. I believe that with a bit of better design, and a sense of empathy as well, the sense of separation wouldn’t feel so grand like this. Rather, it would provide more a sense of inclusiveness.

Things improved, but they yet never done. accessible parking, toilet, and other routes of accessible entrance are still on the waiting list.
We will keep an eyes for it!


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