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Fashion Island’s Family Parking – is not just WOW but it is THE BEST in Thailand, THE BEST in the world!

Since the past many years, Fashion Island has been one of shopping malls that we’ve engaged in a deliberate consultancy. It keeps improving to match its grand goal: ‘a shopping mall for all’. Recently, we joined the meeting once again and one of the managements threw a commitment word to us, “Good is not enough guys. It must be WOW!” The situation was better now after the peak of the Corona Virus, so yesterday was my first field survey and I was shocked by what I’d seen before my eyes.

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Good is good, but it must be WOW. A Department Store “FOR ALL” – A mission at Fashion Island Department Store.

Fashion Island is a department store of constant improvement on accessibility. I’ve been doing discussion, a well thought-provoking meeting, with them regularly that’s why can see its impressive progress. It would not be exaggerated if I rank this mall among the top in term of splendid accessibility. Recently I got a call from the management team to provide some further ideas and recommendations regarding the issue. We then sat on the chair at a meeting room and had a very exciting discussion.

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Fashion Island shopping mall / The priority parking with a very good service

Fashion Island A well-known and leading shopping mall in Ram-in-thra area. However, previously, this mall was just like any others that had poor design and accessibility on priority parking. They didn’t comply the regulations on how priority parking should be nicely provided. Service quality that needed improvement. It occurred just around this time a year ago. So we rushed to give them some pieces of advice and tried to engage in practical processes. Surprisingly, within a month, everything was wholly transformed to the better. The speed they changed was impressively fast.

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When the parking spot is not wide enough, how does this effect the disabled driver (Fashion Island Department Store)

I just found my video since 3 months go taken on the same day as my first post for the Fashion Island department store. The same situation as Khun Sea got the issue up on this post. I toke a shots when we’re coming back home that’s why you see all empty spaces. But when we first arrived all spaces were taken.

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The Disabled Parking Space – After Three Months Still Not Yet Moved (Fashion Island Department Store)

Khun Sea – The Accessibility Is Freedom work force alert me up the issue. I post the issue that “Fashion Island Department Store – The Disabled Parking Space Have Not Yet Fit On The Law” As the attached Khun Sea’s pict post from yesterday. Fashion they still using the normal size parking space being the disabled one as same as 3 months ago.

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