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The equality is truly happening at Foodland…

People with disabilities, PWDs, do not want to rely on others. We just want to live a normal and happy life. We don’t necessarily want to ask for help. Difference in physical condition is commonly normal as everybody is created as unique as they are.

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FOODLAND’s Constant Improvement on Priority Parking to Meet the Regulations

According to my previous post, after I reported the issue, I received their feedback so fast just within 3 days stated that “We’re fixing it.” Then I rushed to give them some useful information about what good accessibility should look like and present my own opinions on how to build solid foundation on accessibility in the long-run. So far, the result is quite impressive as seen on the above picture. But there are some concerns as followings;

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Foodland one of the worst ever very low accessibility, I told them many times…

FoodlandNext month, on the 15th Aug, it will be three years of working on the PWDs car parking project. PWDs car parking in Thailand there’re several problems that we’re facing on: Parking spot quality Incorrectly built spec The understanding & services is low As well as the other basic accessibility, Foodland is the one of the worst ever regarding on the low accessibility never matched to Thailand law and plus never been fixing while we keep telling them.

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