Thank you Starbucks Terminal 21, from a step to a slope

ภาพพี่ซาบะนั่งรถเข็น ใส่ชุดทำงาน เสื้อสีม่วง อยู่หน้าร้านกาแฟสตาร์บั๊ค กำลังยิ้มเล็กๆ ชี้มือไปที่ทางลาด พื้นต่างระดับที่ความสูงแค่ไม่กี่นิ้ว และมีโลโก้สตาร์บั๊กอยู่ข้างๆ เขียนว่า Starbucks Terminal 21 is accessible

The last time I took a photo of it was about two months ago. There was one step at the entrance which was completely inaccessible for wheelchair user and very risky for ordinary customers to slip on it. I’m a regular of this branch since I usually have a business meeting there. And I used to inform the staff many times regarding this growing concern.

Recently I went there as usual and found this problem was fully disappeared. They redesigned a step to become a seamless slope. It’s a simple gentrification with ease of use and cost-effectiveness. I no longer have to say things like this “Ah excuse me sir, could you please…”, which was quite awkward to me.

Being autonomous and independent, by your own, is to most important thing. You would likely overlook its value unless you undergo it by yourself, for example, when you couldn’t do even such a simple thing like scooping rice by yourself. It’s equally true with PWDs. To make every place fully accessible, safe, and equally justice is a great virtue.

Starbucks Terminal 21, you have my compliment!
And now you’ve been listed on my “THE BEST” list. (

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