Joining a meeting with the Traffic and Transportation Department (TTD) about BTS elevators project and Change Bangkok for everyone campaign

On behalf of the president of a railway accessibility and a following-up of BTS elevators installation group, the representative of T4A association and PWDs, I went to meet Mr. Phanurak Klannurak, director of the TTD, and his board of directors in order to follow up the installation process of additional elevators on BTS stations and also others projects that we may work together in future.

Since the incident on Asok BTS station with the problem of incomplete elevators installation which caused an inequality in transportation.
We have discussed with the director Thanuchai (whose term already completed) asked the TTD to pass our request to the Administrative Board of Bangkok asking for a special budget for the elevators installation. Nowadays, since the director Phanurak was on duty, we have got following additional information:

1. Bangkok Metropolitan Council approved the budget of 256 million bahts / 19 elevators installations from ground in 16 stations
2. It is currently in legal process/ anticipated to be able to start on March next year with 400 days of construction.
3. We asked for a following-up team like we did last project.
4. I gave information about the elevator size which is too small and inconvenient for PWDs. It doesn’t conform to the population growth.
5. About TTD projects such as 15 Park & Ride Buildings, I gave some advice saying that these facilities must be “accessible for all” not only PWDs and I asked them to remove a PWDs logo on the floor. I added that there should have just only lines and enough space to send PWDs up/down.
6. The fixing of Skywalk and mall entrances which are still stairs including a specification of “no stair” in contracts for future projects.
7. Projects of traffic lights, crosswalks, unsafe road crossing and many places where there still has unusable equipment. We have gone to the sites and checked together.
8. Having a team to work together in every project.
We informed the director that in order to construct facilities, especially basic accessibilities, must include affected people in the project team from the beginning until the end as well. So that we can change our Bangkok into the real city of opportunities and make it became a good example for the others.

It is my first time meeting the director of TTD. He is very nice. The team is very determined.
We can absolutely change our country!

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