The public train system will be become the downfall for Thailand(?)

For a year
and a half
that I’ve jointly work with the “Transportation For All (T4A)” team to improved the public metro train system.
Some of our T4A members have been working on the relate issue for more than 20 years.
Here is a summary that represents a failure of the accessible facilities design on the rail system in Bangkok which will be implement within 6 years.
*Will be translated to English soon

This is a detail plan for electric rail system will be construct in the future.

For instant, just in case that you have never come to Thailand.
In Bangkok, we’re currently having 3 electric metro train lines.

  1. Airport Rail Link : the line that running from Su-varn-nab-phu-mi International Airport into a middle of Bangkok the city.
  2. MRT : the underground train.
  3. BTS : the sky train

Highlight from table above:
Only Airport Rail Link /had completed install elevator to all stations.
BTS + MRT can go up/down in some stations.
For BTS, after court order “To provide all facilities to be completed within one year.”
But now it’s 1 year + 7 months and just only the “Elevator” (don’t ask about other things) still not complete yet !!!!
Some stations the disabled risked to death by using the escalator to go up/down
Which may cause serious accident or death.
For MRT, still no progress at all. Don’t they have a way to solve the problem?
For BTS (Purple Line), will launch next month, there are still problems.
For BTS (Blue Line), 79% construction complete.
For BTS (Green Line), 88% construction complete.
And I’ve receive information that they will use the same design as “Purple line” which is not a design to serve disability.
Other rail systems around the country / How it will be?

Impact (direct/indirect) to the group which need to use the accessible facilities where as the facilities is not yet ready to serve. (or poor design)

Disabled people both temporary and permanent, elderly, women wear high heels.
Maternity families with strollers. Visitors with large baggage.
will face difficulty using the BTS/MRT with current design provided. And even worst is that some type of disabled will not be able to travel on BTS/MRT.

As a result, they are inability to life/have a “normal life” as others.
Do you know that more than 20% in Thailand population are elderly and disabled?

Quotes below are what I heard many times from the mouth of senior management in the “Department of Transportation”

“Even Japan still not provide 100% exit to facilitate the disabled. And Thailand is just started so impossible for us to be perfect”
>> Yes,Japan is the country started to provide/make living equally to all people before us.
>> We have visited and learnt from their mistake and to bring the pros (shorten learning period)
>> Japan does not prohibit us to do “better” than them. (Please take note on that sir …).

“You know how much we need to spend in order to provide those facilities?”.
Based on BTS (Purple Line) >> To completely install lifts and ramps in all exit points.
>> You just spend only “1%” out of the whole project budget.

“…It must be done entirely… the whole system must be planned…it’s not possible to complete NOW”
>> In many (nearly all) places in Thailand do have problem providing facilities to disabled.
>> If you going to wait to complete altogether… No way that this is going to happen (You know that… especially in terms of budget)
>> Best you can do is, the new BTS and MRT should be perfectly plan and implement to serve the disabled.

>> For the old system you should gradually get it fix/implement.
>> Most important is to implement the concept (transportation for all) for whole project.
>> So the concept of “Seamless Travel for All” can become true and as fully complete as possible.

These words are just an excuse from some people in management level with narrow mind.
Keep talking but no action to change/improve anything seriously.
Do you know how much damage has already occurred?

Lessons learned from installing BTS elevator / Loaded with problems!!!

Installing elevator for disabled people on BTS,
As the Supreme Administrative Court has ordered BTS to complete install all facilities to support disabled people within one year.
However it’s been passed over one and a half year.
Just to install elevators to all station (no other things), BTS still cannot complete their task.

As time pass, especially when public rail system expand.
Lead to increased demand for prosperity.
The expansion on city plan, public utility systems
water pipes, power lines and communications.
Including the expansion of the population of the surrounding area
Therefore,construction to improve facility for disabled is almost impossible.
Although it’s possible but it’s hardly to make it perfect due to many problems and limitations.
Resulting in wasted time and higher budget compare to if there’s plan and action
since the very beginning.
This is also one thing known to cause damage to the country.

You blocked us from traveling around = blocking the opportunity to the human development.

This is damaging the country in terms of improving the quality of human life which is invaluable.

How can we make living equality happen?
How can “Thailand 4.0” model can be perfectly form?
How to develop people and society to stability?

If the state still not solve the problem seriously.
If the state does not listen to stakeholders(the disabled, are we a part of society?).
To cooperate in solving problems with integration and with sincerity.

“underprivileged” / “deprived” / “vulnerable”
Those are terms that the society refer to the disabled. A group of people who need special facilities.
Rather, it’s the “environment” that makes us underprivileged.
For how many generation that the state has wasted the national fund trying to compensate the underprivileged group?
Why not try to give us things (facilities/environment) which give us opportunity to develop themselves.
So that we can become quality people to society.
Finally, this group will be the ones who pay taxes to the state.
With this solution will solve the whole problem entirely.

“Opportunity” can happen if…
The state give us WAYS to travel freely, conveniently, safe.
This should be primary issue should be solved urgently.
To develop quality life of the society.
This is even more important than other support.
We have many experts and states spent lots of budget as a case study in many projects.
No need anymore for pilot program / no more trial / you already have enough information.
Just START MAKING A CHANGE now, or never.
“We” as a group of people to receive this advantage. All people with disabilities are ready to give you information.


*Video in Thai

The T4A team have the opportunity to meet the Minister of Transport, two times.
“Shout Loud,” To the Minister of Transport, Mr. Arkhom Termpittayapaisith.
That we had the opportunity of meeting with you.
He is a nice person and I trusted he understands rights to equality truly.
And he knows very well that “ease in transportation” is the TOP priority
in order to develop quality living for the country.

[tminus t=”15-01-2016 23:59:59″ launchtarget=”countup” omitweeks=”true”/] I’m counting, wait to see him again.
Please allow me to tell you that, there’re very little progress on this issue.
The Purple Line has already launched for today.

Metro Train System OV#1
The problem will never be solved if you don’t handle this issue closely.
Please give us mercy….
If not, this will become truly like a disaster for the country. The damage which is invaluable.
Both in building and improving the quality of life of the population.
And this issue will remain for many generations!

Accessibility Is Freedom



Metro Train System OV#2

Metro Train System OV#3

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