Test: Platform Lift in Japan

ภาพซาบะกำลังนั่งรอ เจ้าหน้าที่เปิดลิฟท์เกาะราวบันได คนกำลังเดินลงบันไดหนาแน่นเกือบเต็มพื้นที่

Our primary mission is the traveling to search for the answer of what we are questioning.
When you are in doubt of capability of something, you might want to go checking it out by yourself at first hand.
Domestic trial right in our home country seems to be insufficient as Japan is the top-notch among the area we are talking about.
So, I headed to the land of the rising sun.

or stair lift is a kind of accessible equipment intentionally designed for wheelchair user.
It has been developed to use in Thailand as well as you might spot it in some places.
Unfortunately, this equipment is quite inconvenient and risky for having an accident and most of all this have you away from the independent living life.

I have been to Japan for 2 times and I observe that platform lift has been used in Japan in such a very limited area, particularly only in old train stations.
It’s not prevalent at all. According to the image, you will see that there are at least two staff officers, sometimes up to five, facilitate me along the way.
This includes walking me through the direction and managing the traffic smoothly for convenience as well as taking care other passengers.

In Thailand, some government sections decided to adopt platform lift in use.
However, it’s done without careful check of appropriateness.
This is becoming a big issue as those mobility equipments require some fundamental knowledge in order to use it safely and it can be greatly sensitive for their specific users.

Before the opening of BTS Purple line, our team had proceeded to test it, according to the video.
Then, we handed a recommendation letter to the government.
They acknowledged and firmly guaranteed that there will be no platform lift anymore on all coming projects in the future.
please help us to spread it out.

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