Wrong Signage (Bangkok MRT Blue Line)

ภาพซาบะนั่งรถเข็น อยู่ทางเดินชานชาลา กำลังชี้ไปที่เครื่องหมายบอกตำแหน่งลิฟท์
[Elevator is on my right, but the sign point to somewhere else]
I’m collecting problems found on public transportation.
On Bangkok MRT Blue line, I’ve found a one you are seeing on the images about misused signage in the station.
After deploying from a train looking for an elevator, it is quite confusing to find it as the position of signage, with its arrow, are located wrongfully.
Although the elevator is actually just right next to my position, the signage points out it to another way.
I do use the metro train system a lot, so I know where I should go correctly.
But if you are not, you are likely to pass it and get lost easily.

I don’t mean to blame anyone else but as the result, it seems that the signage system, or what I prefer to call is.
Wayfinding, cannot draw enough attention from our operator.
Comparatively, Singapore’s exemplifies how good signage system should look like.
We can take it as guideline. This issue is becoming bigger and needs to be revised promptly, as we are having tons of new train systems in the near future.
The route is going to be more complex and way finding can come to play a big part on it.

What is wayfinding? Is it just a signage or map? No, it’s beyond that.
Briefly, wayfinding refers to information system that navigates people from place to place.
And enhances their understanding and experience of the surrounding environment.
A signpost, map, pictogram, and so on, all are its elements.
Effective way finding can simplify complex environment, like in a massive train station, into a more user-friendly version.
It can reduce your travel time, protect your sense of security, or enhance smooth flow of traffic.
It is really very important that it even has its own science.
You can commonly find way finding on public transportation areas.

I write this post for whom to concern.
There are many other issues on the other system too, I’ll talk about it in detail later.

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[This is Phet-cha-bu-ri station]

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