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Japan – On the road is safe

Japan’s strong point, what I’ve heard since very long is the discipline.
Respect the rules and know their own is the nature of Japanese.
If you could remember when Japanese hit by tsunami everyone including me saw news on TV.
They were starving to death, but still stand for queuing

For me, my first private holiday to Japan would might not be as you think. I should have some inspiration for sure.
The Japan stories, this one is the one that I would like to get an answer …

First scene that I have seen and recognized by yourself.
I went down from the plane at Haneda international airport.
I was watching the staff cleaned the floor.
For at least 4 hours, workers at that level working on their own stand, do their best job without any head-off.
Doing their best no one must take care, never been shilly-shally.
Some might say like a robot, but what I see is that everyone knows and act on their own as well.
And all the time in Japan. I attest clearly, these things are clear The country is an island
With limited resources and many disasters.
Why do they push them-self being at the top of the world.

What these results it is clear, this capital very safe cycling.
Every man, every car respect traffic rules very well.
Only a few times I saw a car parked across the crosswalk.
Everyone use crosswalk to cross the street.
Or wait for the green light to cross the road.

All cars parked behind the white line.
People just walk across without to worry car would stop or not.
And all cars will slow down and stop because they feel it is the rule and respect the rule.
And stop very far from the white line.

Believe or not, all times I was there, I saw only a few times there for traffic polices men working on the road.
Very few, people know and respect of themselves very well.
The Japanese are famous for the discipline was really touching.

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