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Japan Independent Living

You might never heard this words but we – the one who are having trouble on the movement are talking about this a lot.

Comparing left and right, while 5 days I was living in Japan.
I can go anywhere by myself.
I don’t need to worry anything, I do mean anything.
I’m able to jump onto the bus either city bus or even the bus in a small town far away from the Tokyo.

Think about I went up to the Mt Fuji at the 4th station with 2020 meters up height.
(As everyone do)
I went there and was having fun let me tell you guys it was my first time in my life.

While I was traveling on the subway, I always saw many wheelchair men like this man go and do their things as usual.

At Japan anywhere they go, their life always have an options.

All of this we call “Independent Living”.
We don’t need someone helping us, all we need is just to support us, let us be able to do things and get it done by our-self.

Believe me no one will be able to help each other for their entry life.
Do you think like me?

Looking back to our city, we still can’t do this in Bangkok.
Without my car, wheelchair man won’t be able to go around.
The low-floor buses still on the way to come (I don’t know when it will come).
The city trains accessibility seem to be using the same 20 years old policy.
The sky train said they’re having problem with the expropriation.
As well as the top management boards said to me “we have already done fit to the law for the disabled already.”
I didn’t expected to heard it from the top management.

But what we see, it was not already done alright.

I don’t know how to feel, I just can’t breath in my own country…

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