Century The Movie Plaza: failed to comply the law of accessibility

The Century is a compact plaza built primarily as a cinema. There are currently two branches of it.
I frequently passed by one of its branches at Victory Monument and observed some of its flaws regarding accessibility:

  1. The entrance from BTS skywalk: PASS!
  2. The entrance from the ground: FAIL! (only staircase, no slope)
  3. Toilet: FAIL!
    1. Poor design and insufficient length of handrail
    2. Poor design of door knop
    3. No emergency call bell (in case of accident, the customer is unable to call for help)
  4. Lift is obsolete and inaccessible
  5. Priority Parking: FAIL!
    1. Too narrow
    2. Insufficient lots: located only on 2A, 3D, and 4A, each for two lots
    3. No sufficient signage
  6. Movie: Waiting for investigation

I made a field survey days ago. No sign for their manager after asking, I then just handed my name card to the operational officer. Yet by far, I received no contact from them. Let’s see how long the Century would resolve the issue. I wonder within two-month time.

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