Why is the water in the canals in Japan so oo o oo clean ???

I have been to Japan twice. One of the amazing things I noticed was that their rivers and canals were clean —I repeat, very clean!

I remember waiting on one side of Kawaguchiko Lake to take a photo of Mt.Fuji and seeing waste water running into the lake through gutters from various places, but the water was visibly CLEAR. In many traveling attractions, they even kept fish —- you could see them swimming!!!

Before I could get into this further, I stumbled upon a video clip of Hiro san taking us to see “houses with wastewater treatment systems” https://youtu.be/2s8P3Nd3afw

I believe it is mandated by law that every building must have a wastewater treatment system! I’m thrilled to invite you, especially those interested in environmental issues, to join my investigation: does our country have laws supporting this?

We’ll keep the eyes on on the issue more.

ภาพ ร่องน้ำทิ้งที่ริมทะเลสาบคาวากูจิโก๊ะญี่ปุ่น


ภาพ ร่องน้ำทิ้งที่ริมทะเลสาบคาวากูจิโก๊ะญี่ปุ่น

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