You can make ‘THE BETTER WORLD’ (Lecture DBTM/TU 2021)

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It becomes customary that I’m invited annually to give a special lecture to international students from Design Business Technology Management (DBTM) at Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus), Thailand.

This year, marks the 5th anniversary of my public speech here. There were roughly 75 vibrant students at the virtual classroom as we’ve done it via Zoom (due to Covid-19). This was the first time in virtual setting and no match to the vibe of physical interaction. Yet these energetic students made it possible to make my informative stuff a little more fun.

Also, I could not forget to mention their lovely instructors team who, as always, helped lead a smooth talk and be a great part of the whole session.

This year’s topic was ‘You can make THE BETTER WORLD’. I wanted to highlight that a good design really matters which can literally change the world, and the ideology we use to see it.

However, the focused points remained my core expertise: urban accessibility and public space. Also, I addressed the Covid-19 issue and how it affected our life.

The session was a very informal, two-way communication. It’s great to get to know their thoughts and opinions.

In this kind of talk, my ultimate purpose is to plant a seed of the next generation of ‘Accessibilitor’, as we call it. I try to plant seeds of change, the fruit of which I might never see.

I believe that these students, and all the previous ones, would go on to make the world a better place through design.

Finally, I would like to thank all teachers and everyone at DBTM and Thamasat University for such a wonderful opportunity. Thanks.

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ภาพ ประชุมในซูม4

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