A Special Lecture on “The Development and Social Welfare Through the Eyes of Accessibility Is Freedom”

ภาพ การบรรยายผ่านระบบซูม

Once again I was invited to give a special lecture to international students from Social Administration Faculty, Thammasat University, Tha Phra Chan Campus. I decided to conduct the session as a narrative stories, questioning them that “What are you going to help those in need, whether physically or anything, to have a better lives?”When it comes to this issue, “Social Welfare” really matters. Yet there are more than that. There are other things that are equally important. For example, letting everyone has equal access in a standard stated by law.

My job is to enable everyone to go anywhere at will. When people are able to do that, it broadens their possibilities. (‘My’ is us, the one who enabled things to be happened)

As such, I showed my works to the students to have a better understanding and a clearer image of what it really looks like, then they will later take care our society with care and correctness.

I would like to thanks to Ajarn Alex, the Social Administration Faculty, and Thammasat University for inviting me to have had a chance to talk with these brilliant students on every year.

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