Thumbs Up!!! An excellent accessible parking at underground parking, Mega Bangna/Blue Zone

[Blue Zone 1: Priority parking occupies the vast majority of area. The blue pillar indicates the parking.]
is the only shopping mall in Thailand that its quantity of accessible parking exceeds the minimum requirement by law. Months ago, we had intensively received numbers of reports about the misuse of priority parking, especially at its underground parking, Blue Zone. We decided to conduct a field work there so many times and have a honest talk with security officers who was in charge there.

Since then, everything seems to be improved in the right direction. The parking management and regulation looks more systematic. The security officers are more confident to protect the right of proper customers and insist to wrongdoers who, for example, ineligibly park on accessible parking.

We have to recognise the real situation that those security guards, who are in an operational position, are probably one of the most sympathetic mall’s officers. They have to welcome broad range of customers who have different individual habits. If they confront too aggressively and proactively to wrong-doer customers, they would probably be reported in return and it affects their KPI. (In Thailand, customer is king.) If they’re too careless about their duty and let wrongdoers do whatever they want, they would probably be tackled by Saba. Practically, they have to balance between doing what is right and securing his job. Currently, I visited back there and saw such a wonderful scenario. These two security guards were doing very well. They had my respect.

Mega Bangna could be a role model when it comes to accessible parking. There are far too sufficient with well-built design. The supportive facilities are in perfect combination as well like fantastic accessible toilet and ramp.

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[Blue Zone 2: See through the end, all are accessible parking.]
[Blue Zone 3: Wonderful]
[Blue Zone 4: Absolutely majestic]
[Blue Zone 5: Drop-off area]
[Blue Zone 6: Another breakdown of accessible parking for family and etc. (not PWDs)]
[Blue Zone 7: Never be easy for those who are in operational job. Should be promoted if done well.]

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