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[Restroom Test] at MRT Rama 9 Station

13 August 2020 I did a restroom test at MRT Rama 9 subway station, and found some concerns that I had to address to the general public as the followings:

1. The accessible restroom has only 1 unit while the typical restroom has so many.
2. The typical restroom is easy to get access, people just walk into it.
3. Previously, the accessible restroom is often misused by ineligible people. So now it’s always locked, making the most affected person belongs to the PWDs.
4. PWDs is like everyone. They are human with flesh and blood, and must poo when it comes.
5. But some of them, with severe physical conditions, cannot wait so long.6. Have they experienced this regularly their kidney will suffer seriously. Locking a restroom in this case is obviously not good for your health.

My request to the operator:
1. Never lock a restroom.
2. Put up a signboard in front of the restroom (using A3 paper) announcing that only eligible people, whose rights ratified by law, including PWDs, weakened people, and elderly people and those in real need can enter to use this restroom.

In short-term: The operator shall announce the strict use of rights clearly and widely to the general passengers. The urbana would help manage themselves.
In long-term: The law shall be modified to serve more precise interpretation.

Guys, Never violate #AccessibleRestroom alright

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