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An excellent service on the Purple Line!

Thailand is known for its warm service and kindness that builds great impression for any visitors around the world. And the commuter train service is simply one of them.

I’ve been using the commuter train services intensely during the last 6 years. I can firmly assure you its gradual improvement of services in many areas. And I’m not alone. Recently I got a happy story from Aey regarding the service that I can’t wait to share with you.

> At MRT Tha Phra station, I used its wheelchair service available at the station due to my sudden physical accident, unable to walk normally.
> The officers were too disciplined, kind, and professional in servicing me to Phra Nang Klao Bridge, my destination.

My gratitude was with her, what a simply yet beautiful story. Thank you Aey for your sharing.
You guys can do the same with me. You may share this wonderful story to spread love and positive force to other people!

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