CPS Coffee IS NOT Accessible!!

Bangkok, a city of global destination, on March 14, 2019, I took my foreign friends a city tour. Before the tour begins, we would like to have some coffee, so we rushed to Terminal 21 shopping mall at A-soke. At the mall’s entrance, which connected to BTS A-soke station, we found a brand-new, and magnificent, coffee shop named CPS Coffee. Its glamour and brilliant design drew our attention to get in. Yet we were unable to do so as it was highly inaccessible.

A friend of mine then told that “I came to this shop in the morning, but I couldn’t get in. Sadly, I couldn’t be its customer.”

Things don’t bypass easily when it reaches my attention.
Observing through its glasses, what a splendid and beautiful coffee shop.
I believe that its owner and employees both have a beautiful mind as well.

Since I couldn’t get in I started to waving my hands, signalling to the staff to come out please.
I asked them to call for the store manager before I was informed that he/she wasn’t available. I finally leaved the staff my business card, until today no one call me yet so far.

I have questions…
1) How can the “shopping mall/ property owner” let this thing happen?
2) How can the “district officer”, where the mall located, let this thing happen? since our construction law states clearly regarding this.
3) How can the “store owner” let this thing happen? ignoring the above mentioned law.

I share this story to you and ask to help make it louder. No bias, this is done for the shop’s benefit.
After truly accessible, it would allow every potential customer an ability to get in.

With Love,
March 18, 2019

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