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They told us to park here…

Bang-saen beach, Thailand: I was waiting patiently for this car’s owner. Not too long, a young girl walk back to get something in the car.

I asked nicely, “Hello, is there any disabled people or someone in special need that really have to use this accessible parking?”
She replied, “Nope.”
I then continued, “Are you the driver?”
She responded, “I’m not sir.”
I proceeded on, “Tell your parents to please move the car. This accessible parking is reserved for people in real need. They suffer when they come here and couldn’t find a place to park.”
She said, “Someone just told us we can park here.”
I encountered firmly, “That’s irrelevant no matter who said. You should not park here. It’s very inappropriate.”

This scenario reflects greatly how Thai society functions. What I, and you guys, have been doing is like rowing against the tide.
And we are not much in numbers. Crucially, we have to increase the people on this boat as much as possible.
I believe it’s a must-do mission I have to do anyway. Even being a tiny voice, I believe we can, at least, gradually make the society better.

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