The Accessible Parking: Who can legally park? (Regarding to The Law & Regulation)

The misuse of the accessible parking has been a prevalent, and long-instilled, problem in our society. This is obviously an act that’s against the law and in total disregard for the need.

Knowing the limit of one’s rights as a citizen, thus, is crucial than ever. So today I’d like to share with you some quick take-away facts, compressed from pages of law papers. I took it from the section about the legal requirements, in 2005, it said there are 3 groups of people that can legally park on the accessible parking which are the people with disabilities, the less-abled people, and the elderly people. Well, this is what written in papers.

Another ‘unwritten’ thing I encourage you to be aware and empathetic is the appropriateness. For example, the law defines the elderly people as someone aged above 60 years old. But if that grandpa is still ‘perfectly healthy,’ able to walk firmly and probably run faster than you, he should give his rights to others. He has the choice not to park on it, leaving it to someone in real need.

I urge you guys to always remind about this. Please spread this notion of goodwill. Thank you.

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