[Special Talk] ‘Accessibility Is Freedom’ at Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University.

22 September 2020
I was invited to be a special guest speaker to young talents at Faculty of Social Administration, International Programme, Thammasat University, Tha Phra Chan Campus.

“Because accessibility and equality matter for everyone.”

I brought some pieces of our works at Accessibility Is Freedom to share with these bright students. To highlight the big picture, I didn’t put an eye on every detail, but skimmed briefly only the most significant points. This was to introduce them to see how much we had accomplished during the past 6 years. I shed light on the importance of equality and the urge to build the right mindset and mentality at the first place as it will shape their minds to begin caring other people in the society, to see and respect them as equal human being. Intelligent and able as they poses, and which as I sensed, I was confident that this would encourage them to further participate in, and solve the problems of, social affairs for years to come.

I always stress this notion that the young generation is our future. New changes are going to be made by young people. They will soon take care of the whole society. Thus, I give top priority for education, as in this case today.

Big thanks to Ajarn Alex from the Social Policy and Development Programme at Thammasat University for your wonderful opportunity given to me to share things with these fantastic students so many times.

Remarks: I feel a sense of duty to follow up some student’s questions as there were some left unanswered properly. If you guys want to know more about anything, just feel free to inbox me at anytime.

Images credit: SPD TU

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